Tips on Consuming Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms (shrooms) offer a fantastic experience to those who consume them. Some people consume them to have fun while others for spiritual reasons. Besides, shrooms have some benefits like alleviating depression, enhancing creativity, coping with addictions, and bringing relaxation. No matter why you want to consume magic mushrooms, it would be best to buy your supplies from only reliable sellers, whether in brick-and-mortar stores or online stores. Canadians can find potent magic mushrooms for sale on this website. You should also identify a suitable method of consuming them that works for you.

Here are some of the methods you can use to consume magic mushrooms:

Eating the Shrooms Whole

chewing and swallowing shroomsThe most common and straightforward way of consuming shrooms is by chewing and swallowing them. When using this method, you should chew them well to break them and get the juices from them. Your saliva will mix with some psychoactive compound released from the shrooms and mix with blood to get to all the cells in your body. For you to experience the effect, it will take around 45 minutes, and it will depend on your stomach’s content.

It would be best to have eaten as little as possible to get the effect better. Ideally, you should avoid having any food for a few hours before eating the shrooms. However, to avoid the unpleasant taste, you can use a truffle grinder. You can grind the magic truffle to the smallest pieces possible with the option, then chew the paste and avoid experiencing the flavor.

Consume in Capsules Form

consume them as capsulesYou can choose to use the capsules to microdose shrooms or truffles. If you do not want to experience the magic mushroom’s intense effect, capsules are the best option. They allow you to have clarity and not be so high as not to manage your daily activities. The advantage of capsules is that they are convenient, so you can carry them around and take them discreetly at your own time. They also help to avoid the moldy taste and make consumption easier.

Consume as Lemon Tek

consuming shroom with lemon juiceLemon tekking as a way of taking magic mushrooms involves getting your shrooms to take some time in lemon or lime juice prior to consuming them. This is, in the real sense cooking the psilocybin mushrooms by allowing the acid to break them down, making them shorter and more potent than when you chew them. Consuming shrooms in lemon or lime juice reduces nausea and enable a small shroom amount to get you further.